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Your faithful mods grass_stained and theemdash are both currently without internet access. We're working around it as much as possible.

This will affect Set 5 of Buffy Trivia since I won't be around to get Cavalry back to you. I promise I'll get it to you as soon as possible.

We will be without internet for at least a week.

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Angel Trivia: One Day Warning

I forgot to post the One Day Warning yesterday so you all get an extra day today!

This is your One Day Warning!

July Set of Angel Trivia has one more day to submit answers. All answers are due on Thursday, July 28. I won't post answers until I can get online which means in the late afternoon for me. So please get answers in by 1pm EST (6pm GMT).
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Buffy Trivia--Round 5, Set 5

Final Moments: This Set of Buffy trivia is themed around the final moments of characters, locations, and the series (yes, many questions from Season 7).

Important Notes:
- All questions are about the last appearance of these specific characters. Actors who reprise the role as a different incarnation of the character (for example, The First) are not being considered.
- The last line/appearance is determined by episode, not the actual timeline. An episode in which a character returns in a flashback has the last line/appearance for that character.

24 points + bonus. Prepare yourself.

New Players--please see the Rules.

Previous questions can be found here.

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The Hellmouth
Cannot call in the Cavalry.
Must answer both parts of the Identify section.
For this set, bonus points are limited for The Hellmouth.

Cavalry’s Here
All players except the Hellmouth may use the Cavalry to help with difficult questions. You may gather the Cavalry on up to 5 questions. The Cavalry will not give you answers, but will give you a clue to help you get the correct answer. Rules for the Cavalry are here.
Please Note: if you do not have comment notifications emailed to you, please include an email address if you use Cavalry.

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Firefly Trivia Round 1 Set 4 Reminder

This is technically your one day reminder, but it's going to end up being your three-day reminder. This round of Firefly Trivia will only have 4 sets. Real-life is just too hectic right now for me to be able to put together a new set in the next couple of weeks, so Round 2 will begin on August 5. This iss your last chance to participate in Round 1. The following people have been playing Firefly Trivia but have not yet completed Set 4:


Please get your answers in by Monday afternoon.
Buffy/Angel Wesley

Angel Trivia: One Week Warning

This is your One Week Warning!

July Set of Angel Trivia has one more week to submit answers. All answers are due on Tuesday, July 26 (some time before Wednesday morning; I don't check time stamps, and I don't accept answers after I check my email on Wednesday).

The people under the cut have completed the July Set.
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Angel Trivia scores clear each month, so if you want to play for July now is the time.
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Buffy Trivia: One Day Warning

Round 5 Set 4 of Buffy Trivia has one more day to submit answers. All answers are due on Monday, July 18 Answers to Cavalry must be submitted by Tuesday, July 19 10:00EST (15:00GMT). If you haven't answered Cavalry by that time, you will be scored on the questions you already answered.

There are several people who played last set and have not yet responded. I urge you to get in your answers so you can use Cavalry.

Just a friendly reminder, I am waiting on Cavalry or Confirmations on answers for:

If you did not receive a comment notification about trivia, please let me know and I will resubmit.

I have not received answers from:

Another friendly reminder, the people under the cut have completed Round 5 Set 4.
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If you missed the first sets, but still want to play, hop on board! Just know that you won't be able to make up the points from sets that you missed.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Set 5 may be delayed. If it is not up by Wednesday night, it will be posted on July 26.

Firefly Trivia — One Week Reminder

This is your one week reminder to submit answers for Round 1 Set 4 if you haven't already done so. The following people have previously played, but have not yet done so for this set:


Also, a bit of an FYI for everyone interested in playing Firefly Trivia. As most of you know, the Sci Fi channel is going to start airing all the episodes next Friday, July 22. They're starting with "Serenity," and going "in the order Joss Whedon instructed." If you haven't seen it yet, here's Sci Fi's site: Firefly on Sci Fi. There is information there that can and will most likely be used on future Firefly Trivia sets. Don't say I didn't warn you. :)
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Angel Trivia: July Trivia

This round of Angel Trivia is a little special. More fun games and less annoying multiple choice. That’s right it’s time for . . .

Name That Demon!

This round is divided into three sections: Screencaps, Classification, and Quotes. The first two sections have screencaps with the answers; the last section does not (if any of the links are incorrect, please let me know.). Please reply with the letter and answer for questions 1-12.

Special thanks this round to mirankos for helping to gather screencaps and quotes!

Reminder: roadrunner1896, positivelyb, and stabbim are inelligible to win July Trivia, but may still play. Hopefully we'll see our June winners back in August. ;)

Good luck!

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