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Buffy Trivia: Anniversary Edition Winners & Answers

Thanks for playing the Special Anniversary Edition of Buffy Trivia! I hope everyone had fun.

A big round of applause go to fairydarling and positivelyb, who tied for first place with 22 points each.

fairydarling gets special applause for answering all 20 questions correctly! She's the only one! Well done.

Ranking (with bonus)
fairydarling 22 points
positivelyb 22 points
carawj 21 points
jissa 20 points
lejlkwiet 18.5 points
scifigirl 18 points
roadrunner1896 17 points
misery_chick 16 points
swells 15.5 points
supercheesegirl 14 points
hope99_31516 13.5 points
meridianrising 12 points
mistressrenet 12 points
innae 11 points
mirankso 8.5 points

Buffy Trivia: Special Anniversary Edition Answers
1. Who arrives late for Joyce's funeral? Angel ("Forever," Angel arrives after sundown because, y'know, vampire.)

2. According to Spike, what does he love more than Harmony? Syphilis ("The Harsh Light of Day," Harmony accuses Spike, "You love that tunnel more than me," to which Spike replies, "I love syphilis more than you.")

3. Name one of the two episodes in which the Grr Argh Monster sings. (Bonus point for naming both.) "Once More With Feeling," "Storyteller" (In OMWF, the monster sings Grr Argh and in "Storyteller" he sings "We are as gods!")

4. What weapon of Buffy's delivers "flying fatality"? Crossbow ("Angel," Buffy: "Goodbye stakes, hello flying fatality.")

5. Complete the lyric: "Going through the motions, losing all my drive. I can't even see, if this is really me and . . . I just want to be alive." (I decided to give a half point for people who answered with the sentiment of the quote. Many people answered with the exact wording, so I didn't feel it was appropriate to give full credit.)

6. Who prefers to think of himself as the Scooby Gang's "guestage"? Andrew ("Get it Done," when one of the Potentials asks about the hostage, Andrew replies that he "prefer[s] the term guestage.")

7. What do two women say to Angel before killing him? "Close your eyes." ("Becoming, Part 2," Darla says it before biting him, and Buffy says it before shoving a sword through his gut.)

8. Who first remembers Ben transforming into Glory? Spike ("The Weight of the World," someone commented that Spike never forgets, but that also means he remembers it first.)

9. What are Spike's dying words before being burned "alive"? "I want to see how it ends." (I decided to give a half point for people who answered with the sentiment of the quote. Many people answered with the exact wording, so I didn't feel it was appropriate to give full credit.) (mistressrenet deserves a sarcasm point for replying, "This hurts like a motherfucker." Heh)

10. Name one of the two Joss Whedon "hat tricks" who appeared in Season 3. (Bonus point for naming both actors.) Carlos Jacott (Ken), Andy Umberger (D'Hoffryn) (Carlos Jacott appeared in "Anne" and Andy Umberger appeared in "Dopplegangland." Jonathan M. Woodward and Jeff Ricketts are the other 2 hat tricks, but did not appear in Season 3.)

11. What is the only known cure for the poison the Killer of the Dead? the blood of a Slayer ("Graduation Day," the Killer of the Dead is the name of the poison Faith used on Angel.)

12. In what episode is the BtVS theme song played during the episode? "Prophecy Girl" (After Buffy is revived, she, Xander, and Angel march into the school to Nerf Herder.)

13. What medical problem was killing Buffy's friend Billy Fordham? brain tumor, or cancer ("Lie to Me," Ford specifically says "brain tumor.")

14. According to Angelus, what could we live without to know some kind of peace? Passion ("Passion," the question is probably a bit poorly worded since Angelus actually says, "If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace. But then we would be hollow.")

15. What is the name of the "extinct" vampire dueling cult that reappears when Wesley arrives in Sunnydale? El Eliminati ("Bad Girls," I put this question in specifically because I couldn't remember the name the other day.)

16–20. Fill in the missing words:
Can't even (16) shout
Can't even (17) cry
The (18) gentlemen are coming by
Looking in windows
Knocking on (19) doors
They need to take (20) seven
And they might take yours.

Bonus: If there's a party in Xander's eye socket, who is invited? Everyone (The quote is, "Party in my eye socket and everyone's invited!") (Someone answered "Willow" and another person answer "Giles," but since they're part of everyone, I gave credit for those answers.)

Thanks again for playing. I might be convinced to restart Buffy Trivia if I can get some help. Would anyone be interested?
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