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Buffy Trivia: The Special Anniversary Edition

I still haven't had the time/energy to dig back in to Buffy Trivia, but in honor of my lj's second birthday and the second anniversary of the start of Buffy Trivia on lj, I am offering a single set of 20 Buffy Trivia questions. Buffy Trivia was what originally brought me to lj, so it is fitting to return to it today.

Since this is just a single set of questions (no categories) there are no special rules. Just answer the trivia to the best of your abilities (without looking anything up). All answers must be in by the end of the day on April 25.

Buffy Trivia: The Special Anniversary Edition
1. Who arrives late for Joyce's funeral?

2. According to Spike, what does he love more than Harmony?

3. Name one of the two episodes in which the Grr Argh Monster sings. (Bonus point for naming both.)

4. What weapon of Buffy's delivers "flying fatality"?

5. Complete the lyric: "Going through the motions, losing all my drive. I can't even see, if this is really me and . . ." (hint: 6 words)

6. Who prefers to think of himself as the Scooby Gang's "guestage"?

7. What do two women say to Angel before killing him?

8. Who first remembers Ben transforming into Glory?

9. What are Spike's dying words before being burned "alive"? (hint: 7 words)

10. Name one of the two Joss Whedon "hat tricks" (actors who appeared on Buffy, Angel and Firefly) who appeared in Season 3. (Character name accepted if you can't remember the actor's name. Bonus point for naming both actors.)

11. What is the only known cure for the poison the Killer of the Dead?

12. In what episode is the BtVS theme song played during the episode? (I will accept a description of the scene, if you can't remember the episode title.)

13. What medical problem was killing Buffy's friend Billy Fordham?

14. According to Angelus, what could we live without to know some kind of peace?

15. What is the name of the "extinct" vampire dueling cult that reappears when Wesley arrives in Sunnydale?

16–20. Fill in the missing words:
Can't even (16) _________
Can't even (17) _________
The (18) _________ are coming by
Looking in windows
Knocking on (19) _________
They need to take (20) _________
And they might take yours.

Bonus: If there's a party in Xander's eye socket, who is invited?

Special Anniversary Buffy Trivia ends on April 25.
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